Friday, November 4, 2011

Gone and Back Again...

Hi world... if there is anyone left who has not given up on me. One thing that annoys me about other bloggers is when they take long breaks from updating their site. I feel like if I am bored and want to stalk you, you better have some good and up-to-date content there for me to read! But since I can't seem to get a steady flow going myself (hello 6 month break!), I guess I should really be admiring that pretty much everyone else is way better at this than me.

Back to the Basics

What is this blog for? To document David and I's engagement and love story- including getting prepared for our wedding- and in the future hopefully sharing stories about becoming parents!
Why document and share in a blog? Because sometimes I feel so far away from a lot of my family and friends in Baltimore, and around the US- New Jersey, Alaska, Delaware, Georgia, and Florida!
What do I want to blog about? My interests or significant events including: holidays, daily thoughts, pretty things I find in nature, my Cake, wedding planning, fitness, food and recipes, and hopefully condo makeovers if I ever get around to it.
When am I going to set aside time to blog? Hopefully at least once a week. Since I live by my planner I am going to have to make note of  it to make sure I do it until I can get the hang of it. Could be more or less depending on how busy I am at home and work, or if I'm on vacation.

So I'll stop boring you with my blog self pep talk and show some pics of the last 6-7 months in review!


Exploring the thrill of the gun range (never ever thought I would enjoy such a thing).


Me and Jules!
Her and AJ's wedding pictures are seriously so pretty, a classy southern style wedding at Sotterly.

Girls weekend in OC!

My first vacation to the FL Keys! David's parent's house was amazing, it will definitely be a yearly trip.

Dancing with all the local Jimmy Buffet's in the Keys :)


Taking Back Sunday concert in Baltimore- one of the most fun concerts ever- and so happy to go out with my sister and brother!


**Reserved the wedding date and bought my wedding dress!!!! ** No pics of course, but you can see overall wedding inspiration on my pinterest wedding board!


More beautiful weddings! We had David's cousin Brandon get married in VA, and our friends Alexandra and Matt... I LOVE her picture with the balloons!


No halloween this year for us (we were both sick), but we did celebrate the month with... another wedding! Another two great friends, Catie and Vince, that I have met here in Sounthern Maryland. They did an awesome purple and orange and black color scheme which worked perfect for being so close to Halloween.

Being sick didn't stop us from trying to have a great time at the local wedding! David stole the top hat and cane from one of the groomsmen. Of course he would then be innapropriate with the use of the cane all night.  Being sick did stop us however from a Halloween party in Baltimore the next day :(

Well that is not nearly everything, but about sums it up. I don't think you want to know all the details about the hours and hours of netflix or hours of working (or hours on pinterest) that took up probably the other 90% of my last 6 months! All I can say is... Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation, Workaholics = Love, Love, Love

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