Monday, August 31, 2009

So-Long August

Weekend Update

Main points from the weekend:

1. Wine, Dine, Walk, & Talk
2. Inglorious Basterds
3. Oh, Baby!
4. Sumo Wrestling

1. Wine, Dine, Walk & Talk… Thursday night I made the boys spaghetti (I spend most of my nights in David’s condo with his roommate Ben) with garlic bread. Good old angel hair by request, and hearty meat sauce with added mushrooms of course. This meal has been a weekly staple at my parent’s house growing up and I was happy to be able to cook for these boys and have them devour it with plenty of compliments to the chef. Along with the food, I bought some red wine to drink. ‘Dancing Chef’ a semi-sweet table wine, which is David and I’s favorite, and a bottle of ‘Ruffino Chianti’ which I have grown to like thanks to my sister. Going to quite the opposite of this Italian meal, I also made a tropical fruit salad. The grocery store had pomegranates, papayas, and mangos on sale, so I bought one of each.

The papaya looked exquisite, but tasted like weird mush. I didn’t even care for the smell that much. I knew I liked mangos and pomigranite seeds, but both of them were not ripe. I made the salad anyway, but haven’t eaten it yet. I will try it tonight, hoping the sour of the mango and pom has mixed into the dull sweetness of the papaya.

After the gorging of carbs, shrooms, and wine we decided to go for a walk. I’ll soon be moving back into this area of St. Mary’s county, called Wildewood, when I move into David’s condo October 1st. I’ve lived in Wildewood ever since I first moved to this county, and I love it. Long tree-lined roads with bike/walk paths, cute houses, and lots of winding routes to take. We were all feeling pretty heavy and thought the walk could help us lighten the load.

First the boys being good...

Pond in neighborhood

Along the way we were goofy, and I heard stories about the boys growing up that I wish I didn’t hear! La deed da I can't hear you… Bad boys!

2. Inglorious Basterds… Friday night David and I went out to dinner in Calvert County with his parents, then to the movies in Prince Frederick to see this Quentin Tarantino flick. Overall, it was pretty good, I enjoyed the premise, and although some dialog scene dragged on a bit, the drama was excellent. David would have liked to of seen more killing, Joan (David’s step mom) and I liked the female heroine. We stayed the night at their house up in Calvert (and what an amazing house it is) where we continued drinking wine, danced to David and his brother Matt play the drums, and petted the dogs out on the back patio overlooking the Patuxent.

3. Oh, baby!... Oh 30 women at a baby shower all day Saturday! David’s good friend Vince is having a baby with his girlfriend Catie. I have only met her a couple times, but have hung out with Vince more often and know how good of a friend he is to David. So I made my appearance at the event, in hopes of meeting some of her friends. It turned out to be a HUGE baby shower, and I didn’t even stay long enough for her to finish opening her gifts (still opening 4 hours later…). I snuck out with a couple other friends after the cake was served and she was about to get into round 3 of gift opening. Catie was radiant and full of joy and I know she will have all she needs for baby Liam when he is born. I am so happy for them!

4. Sumo Wrestling… at a one year olds birthday party?

Yep! Apparently mama wanted to have some fun too. David’s co-worker at the jewelry store, Kelly, threw a birthday party for her son on Sunday. Of course, with James turning only one-year-old, the party was more for the adults, but the birthday boy go tall the attention diving in and tearing up his little cake. So cute! It was a gorgeous day for a cook out, and so much fun with the sumo suits, volleyball, great food, and pool! After all that food, we still managed to make a stop at Bruster’s Ice Cream later that evening. A scoop of chocolate and a scoop of cookie dough ice cream was my dinner, bad girl! But it was the perfect way to close out the weekend.
After all this partying, catered food, cookout food, beers, wine, cake, cake, ice cream, I am ready to get back into my better eating habits today! So far I have had a granola bar, yogurt, apple, subway with chips, and then carrots as a snack, and it feels good! I’ve had plenty of water to drink during the day today and I am ready to workout after work! Besides just feeling good after taking a week break from exercise, I am motivated by the time I get while on the elliptical or bike to read my 4th Sookie Stackhouse vampire novel! I am planning on making a Spanish chicken and rice dish with tons of veggies and brown rice for dinner to complete my healthy day.

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