Sunday, October 4, 2009

2 Great Weekends with the Baltimore Fam!

Sorry for not posting in a while, I have just been so busy having so much fun with my... parents !? Haha. Yes it is true.

Last weekend:
David and I drove up to Baltimore on Saturday to go to my good friends Ashley and Hugo's Bachelorette and Bachelor parties, and stay at my parents house for the night! David felt honored to be invited out with the guys for Hugo's bachelor party after only meeting the guys a few times now. He had a blast! Here are the guys before going out:

Don't they all look handsome?

Meanwhile I went out with Ashley (the bachelorette) and the girls. We had a big group of about 20 and took a limo into downtown Baltimore to PowerPlant Live to go bar hopping. We had an even bigger blast just dancing all night! Here are some pics:

Me, Ashley, and Hugo's sister before dinner.
Isn't Ashley a georgeous bachelorette?

In the limo:

Lisa and I toasting our chamagne

I wore a white beaded tank top (which was ruined by the end of the night but I won't say how!) with brown pants and brown and gold heels. All the girls complained of how bad their feet hurt the next day from dancing all night in heels! I could hardly walk!

David and I reunited at about 2:30 or 3 AM at my parents house and got to tell some stories about our night with my bro Travis and his girlfriend Chelsea who were still up.

The next day we ate scrumptious food and hung out with the parents while watching the Ravens game. The best cure for a hangover? Some sweet Leinenkugel beer and oranges!

And hangin out with our #1 Ravens fan, Mom Heck! David and I had a great relaxing Sunday seeing the family. It's always good to be home! Here is my bro and his gf:

This weekend:
The parents came down to good ol Southern Maryland to visit me and go to the Sotterly Wine Festival! We went last year too, and it was again an awesome time! There were about 20 different Maryland wineries there on this beautiful historic farmland, and we walked away hot and buzzy but happy with 2 cases of wine! The weather was gorgeous although a hot 80 degrees for fall.

Mom and Dad enjoying some fried oysters and fries halfway through the tasting. I had a refreshing vanilla ice cream and raspberry sorbet mix as my halftime treat :)

After the wine fest we went and checked them into the Bed & Breakfast they were staying the night at, down the street called the Victorian Candle. It is a big victorian style house (although newly built) on a beautiful peice of country land. Once checked in and freshened up, David met us out at a seafood restaurant on the water called Sandgates. I got to introduce my mom and dad to a local favorite I have grown to love... steamed oysters! You get to shuck open the oysters and put the little guy on a cracker and eat with chopped onions, old bay, and either vinegar or butter. That is the only way! My mom had doubts about it, but turned out to love them! We had 3 dozen oysters and a dozen steamed crabs! YUM! It was the best dinner ever, spending the evening laughing, stuffing ourselves, and enjoying the sunset and breeze over the water! After dinner we went back to our condo for dessert, an apple oat crisp. By this point we just couldn't stomach another bottle of wine (although we had picked one out especally for dessert at the fest) and ended up switching to beer. Twas a nice sweet ending to a great day!

I love you mom and dad, thanks for coming!
See you again next weekend for Ashley and Hugo's wedding day!

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