Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to recommend two really great blogs to you all. First, they are the blogs (besides my sister-in-laws) that made me really want to start my own. These girls are are sweet and incredibly smart and I have really come to check in on them everyday as role models. I started reading them for nutritional tips and recipes, and motivation for running, but soon found out what ambitious and knowledgeable girls they are (just check out some of their most recent posts). Both Angela and Caitlin are young 20 something’s, college grads, just like me, who are pursuing their dreams. Props!

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How inspiring! Caitlin is a freelance writer who just got offered a book deal for the concept of her website – her dream come true! All for following her passions in her everyday life! And Angela is a psychology major with a passion for research and nutrition who quit her job to pursue her dream of operating a vegan bakery- Glo Bakery- which has been so successful! (BTW her bakery is opening up to US shipping next month!

Each of their blogs recently featured a post of ‘default thinking’ or what your thinking tends to focus towards repeatedly when you have downtime. I could relate with what Angela wrote when she talked about how her default thinking used to be negative self talk about eating or weight. I used to experience the same thing, especially in school, both in high school and even more so in college. Weirdly enough through all the calorie counting and checking the scale, I have noticed that the only time I truly lost weight was when I was so busy and preoccupied that I did not think about dieting at all (other than just making 'smart' food choices when I did have time to eat). The first time I truly lost weight- like I had tried for so many years before- was my last year in college when I was so so busy between an internship- staying late at the library to work on senior projects- taking an aerobics class for fun- and loving my night art class. I continued down this path when I went on my road trip the summer after college and was so busy traveling and sightseeing that I guess I was burning more than I was taking in without even thinking about it! This made me realize how much weight loss or maintaining your level of health is a truly lifestyle change and not just one goal. Since I have gotten my permanent job in an office, I find I have a lot more downtime and I find myself starting to default think back to food, counting calories, and tracking exercise all day long, like I am adding it all up towards a goal. This is good in a way, given that i have fallen off track and need to get back on, but I also need to remember to just focus on the simple positive choices in my lifestyle habits- which are what truly help me maintain the weight and fitness level that I desire.

On a silly side note, am I insane for every time I eat a chickpea I think in my head, 'oh I love you little chickpea'. Yea, I thought so.

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