Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanks for Giving!

Ok, so I guess Halloween was my last real post. What have I gotten into since then? Quite a bit actually in this little town of St. Mary's County !

Early in the month G&H Jewelers had a 'Jewelry Show' where certain reps and designers come in for a weekend gala. I got to play socialite for the night, wearing a silky black dress and prancing around wearing as many diamonds as a girl can fit on her body :) The one night I think I wore a total of of 45K of diamonds! The necklace was insane, I felt like royalty! I also got to wear a beautiful ring, with a blue diamond in the center, surrounded by pink diamonds, then surrounded again by a circle of white diamonds. Georgeous! Dollar wise, I was wearing about $200,000. Ahhhhh! I was wondering why the state troopers were hanging around me all night...

What a power couple! Hahaha j/k.
 I had so much fun feeling so fancy schmancy, shmoozing the customers,
modeling dripping in diamonds, and sipping my pink champagne! Ow!

The next week I soared over to the opposite end of the spectrum- I got my wisdom teeth out! So I turned into a whiney, lazy, puffy cheeked, sore, drooling, chipmunk! It has been a week since they were taken out now, and today is the first day of finally feeling semi-normal. I am so sick of soups and potatoes and yogurt and pudding! I can't tell you how bad I want a salad and sandwich!

One of the few things that cheered me up while lazy and mopey on pain meds was a delivery of flowers from my two favorite tooth fairies! Mommy and Daddy! Thanks, I love you!

The Saturday after the operation, Debbie from David's work had an oyster scald, and it was the first time I got dressed and put on make up (puffy cheeked and all) to go out. The beer went down smooth, I made pudding ('sand'- vanilla pudding mixed with coolwhip, butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar and toped with layers of crush Nilla wafers) for a dessert so I could partake, and I did manage to get down a couple oysters on crackers softened with buttah! Mmmm mmmm mmmm! That Sunday was football, and we went to Jeff's house to watch the game. I made myself soup while the boys had pit bbq. I sat in the sun on the deck during halftime while the boys ran around and played football. Jeff's girlfriend Mel came over later and we had fun listening to new music (a song with lil wayne and eminem- I must find out what it was) and being silly dancing around. It was a good end to the weekend.

Thanks to everyone for being so concerned and caring while my mouth hurt!

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