Tuesday, December 1, 2009

gobble gobble gobble!

Well turkey day came and went! It was really nice, David and I went to Baltimore to have thanksgiving dinner at my parents house. My brother, Chelsea, my sister Terry, and my neices Kristen and Jessica were there. It was really good to see them, and to have everyone together.

Mom was cookin, and us girls were hangin! (Of course we all chipped in too.)

Dinner was delicioso as usual! Yay mom! But let me back up. The real party started the night before when David and I first got in town. I helped mom bake an amazing carrot cake, and pumpkin pies, and chunky monkey cookies, all while finishing off a giant bottle of wine (Yea, we're skilled like that). So after the baking, we went over to see Tara's new house since she was having a little get together. That was a lot of fun, it was good to see everyone and Tara's family as usual. I think David had fun, just because he got to see Tara's mom, ha! Tara's house was truly perfect, she is so lucky! She had done a lot of work getting it painted and decorated already, and she had just moved in a few weeks prior! After the crew feeding us shots, we had to get my parents to come pick us up before it got too late :) Once we got home, we continued partying with the brother and the parents, as you can see...

BTW, the lighter David is holding up is Travis', which says "This is MY F*CKING Lighter!" Him and David have a running joke about stealing lighters. Guess who brought it home to Southern Maryland with us ;)

I'll sign off with lil old sparkly dog! He can be cute...

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