Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ice Ice Kitty

Brrr it is cold outside, and sheets of ice were covering the ground last night and this morning! David and I braved the freezing rain and icy parking lot last night to walk across the street to a friends house. Bill and Holly had just bought the condo right below the condo they were renting, and finally had everything moved in. It looked very nice, some things were upgraded, some things not, but overall very nice. They have two kitties, one of which I can't disclose the name (racist), but is the cutest thing ever. Very petite fluffy kitty with splotches all over like someone chased it around and blotted it randomly with different colors of brown, white, and black paint. But the cutest thing EVER- MITTEN PAWS! I love polydactyl cats!

We needed some mittens like that for our walk back home!

Other kitty encounters this week included Tuloose, another awesome furry friend that "head bumps" you to say hello. Tuloose resides at our friends Priscilla & Avram's condo, which is one of the newer built condos around the corner- very nice! All you have to do is get your forehead near Tuloose and he'll head bump you back. I love it, I am currently trying to teach it to Cake, but I guess seeing a giant forehead moving towards his face scares him away :-(

What Cake does like is his daddy holding him like a baby and letting him hold his treat bag like a baby learning to hold it's own bottle. Cake is so excited to hold the bag and nibble the edge, just waiting for daddy to open it up and give him some. Lol it's the little things that make me happy...

Back on the healthy girl bandwagon, I have officially lost 2 lbs so far. Contributing to the weight loss has been the following exercises, and quite a few lunches supplemented with these:
Big ol' salad with beans mmmmm. I am lucky that the cafeteria in my work building has a pretty good salad bar (although slightly expensive). As I discover new exciting healthy recipes, I hope to start sharing those as well. I will reveal in my next post the recipe for a stew that I have been eating on all last week, along with high protein mashed potatoes .

Thursday (finally getting back to the gym, and it wasn't as bad as I was dreading, scale said 133.4 lbs, yowza!):
Elliptical (Random hill mode, level 6) 40 mins
Treadmill, 10 mins walking 4.0mph incline 5%/10 mins running 5.2mph incline 0%/10 mins walking 4.0mph incline 5-10% ~ totalled about 3 mi.
Free Body Pump class on base! 60 mins (got to see old familiar faces of the base energy zone regulars/trainers and also won a food container with a lid that double as an icepack! Note: Was so so sore after this class...)
Rest/ Walked to lake to feed ducks
Monday (scale said 131.4 lbs):
Treadmill, warm up + 4 mins running 5.2mph, 1 min running 6.5mph/ repeat for total of 30 mins + cool down ~ totalled about 3.5 mi.
Wednesday (today):
Free Body Step class on base! 60 mins (maybe I'll win something else today!)

Besides feeling good about myself health-wise, I also got a nice surprise last week by being honored at work at the quarterly "PMA 299 All-Hands Meeting." These meetings are held by the Captain of the H-60 Seahawk Program which I support, and describe all the events that have been happening, upcoming issues to be aware of, introduction of new personnel, and passing out of team awards ("Top Hawk" awards). The meeting was held in the base theater in order to fit all of the 150 or so people that support the PMA. Well after all the team awards were passed out by each of the team leads, the Captain himself got on stage and announced he had "one other special award to give out for great work done on a high priority effort, so Kady Heck would you please stand up!" Aaaah and my heart was jumping around inside! I got all the different looks of appreciation, admiration, and jealously from my team members that I could secretly hope for :o) The Top Hawk Award now sits proudly displayed on my desk...

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