Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone brought in the new year as fabulously classy as I did (minus a possible episode of tumbling down stairs and/or being soaked with champagne)! David and I spent the New Year at our good friends Kendall & Louie’s house, with a bunch of other great friends!
It was our second year celebrating with them. (Remember new years 2010?)
I’d like to think we really stepped it up for 2011.
More details to come, but first I wanted to document some upcoming ‘resolutions’ for 2011 (although I really hate making resolutions- I feel like I always have long term goals, not just on January 1st). Here they are:
1)     Blog more! I really enjoy the aspect of not only sharing pics, but being able to share the details, emotions, throughts, etc about what is going on in my life. That was the whole goal of this blog, right? And ideally, there should be some big wedding plans in the making come this year!
2)     Which brings me to #2 (which is actually #1), plan a wedding for Spring 2012!!!
3)     Get back on track eating right, and exercising more regularly!  I just can’t seem to find my groove again in this department, but maybe I can use the blog to help me stay on the right path. I also have a Spring 2012 event ahead…
4)     Better the condo! I had intentions of painting and moving a bunch of my stuff from storage into the condo, and it really has not happened yet at all. Phase 1 of this will be purging a lot of our (David’s) old stuff.
Check back soon!
Good bye 2010… good bye Redskins football season… hello Ravens playoff season!

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