Sunday, February 13, 2011

Recap of Packer Fever

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a romantic valentines day weekend! David is working long hours all weekend, but I have a special meal planned for us tonight. <3

I wanted to recap our trip to New Jersey last weekend where we celebrated the Green Bay Packers win over the stupid Steelers! Still sore about the Ravens loss, the Baltimore fam along with David and I were able to join my sister Jenn and brother-in-law Keith and celebrate some Steelers ass-kicking! The Packers club basement was decked out with green & gold, a huge projector-screen TV, a keg, and plenty of Jezynowka blackberry brandy. Even a kiddie corner where my nephew Jake had his own table and snacks and a little flat screen TV for spongebob watching!

 Go Packers! There were lots of celebrating shots! Jenn and Keith also cooked up tons of awesome food including perogies, tater tots, 3 kinds of wings, sausage, & kraut. Mama Heck brought her yummy potato salad and I brought veggies n hummus dip in attempt to stay healthy, although somehow I probably ate my weight in tater tots followed by one or two brocolli florets haha. In previous Packer celebrating, Jenn somehow slipped that a) she used to work at Hooters and b) she would put on a Hooters outfit for David if the Packers go to the superbowl. David was not about to let this one go. Like the good sport and hot mama she is, David got his hot wings served to him right, with a little sugar on the side!

Haha what a sh*t eatin grin on his face.

We ended the night with a soak in the hot tub, and some strawberry tobacco from the hookah for dessert. Definitely a great time!

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