Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Update!

Howdy ya'll! I should be dead tired from a lack of sleep last night (just couldn't get tired on a Sunday night so I didn't end up laying down until around midnight, then David woke me up at least twice in the middle of the night since he stayed up even later than me, then the cat woke me up an hour before my alarm, then my alarm went off at 5:30am, which would really be 4:30am if clocks didn't spring forward) but actually I feel pretty good today!

Haven't jumped on here to blog because I haven't really been taking any pictures, although I mean to. What I do have are some pictures to recap from my birthday two weeks ago, and later some updates for vacation, weddings, and other fun things!

26 Years

No birthday is complete on my work team without getting your cube decorated. Mine was done in a candy-land theme. My whole desk was covered in red table cloth with the whole candyland game board recreated across the desk. Candy, candy, and more candy was spread all around, following true to the gameboard with "Lollipop Woods," "Chocolate Swamp," "Licorice Lane," etc.

This was the view from where I sat all day. I believe a total of 2 donuts made their way to this exact position, as well as a peice of ice cream cake later in the day! No birthday of mine is complete without that too!

Once I got home, I found two boxes waiting by the door for me! Excitedly getting them in the door and opening them, I found an awesome fruit edible arrangement from my Mom and Dad and the cutest arrangement of purple flowers from my best group of friends in the world, Tara, Scott, Ashley, Hugo, Christina, and Caroline!

Why is it that the center of my birthday excitement centered around food? Wasn't complaining at the time but I am complaining now because of the fact that it has totally derailed my eating since then. I also got pampered with a dinner out and trollbeads from David's parents, and an amazing and expensive half-squishy & half-firm pillow from David! Oh, and a birthday card about farting from David. He knows how to make me feel special :)

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