Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Mix

How does time fly by so fast? I find this disturbing.
I’ve been on exercise hiatus due to a hurt leg. I think shin splints, although I am not sure. It happened trying to run on the treadmill the day after a Sweatshop class. I felt my calf/shin being tight but thought I could just run through it. It only got worse, and I ended up limping out of the gym. I have read about listening to your body to avoid injuries a million times and yet I still managed to do it. I was so mad. Fast forward through a few days of icing, and a couple weeks of only walking, and I am stepping back up the exercise this week. It has felt perfectly fine, although I am still a little scared to run.
Florida trip is back on for June again and I am still so excited! The thought of warm weather makes me happy. In fact it is supposed to be 70s today! I am going to make David go for a walk with me this evening.
Also over the last month we have went from getting married in Vegas, to not Vegas, to Vegas again- all with some excitement, laughs, tears, craziness, and finally back to excitement along the way. Mandalay Bay Hotel is the place, but I am still researching to find out what is the best deal for a reception. The musts? Some good food, and open bar, and ideally dancing at some point.
The best  idea so far is THEultra Mix Lounge:
There is a DJ in there, and we would have our own private part of the lounge sectioned off for the reception. We would have open bar, and there are the most amazing views, plus a balcony, and the package also includes some food and a cake. The bad side is that it is only 2 hours and is on the expensive side for only providing hors d’oeuvres, mini sliders, and mac and cheese as far as food.
Second idea I am waiting on a call back for is group dining at the Mix Restaurant:
This is gorgeous!!! I love this space!!! This idea would work for a nicer dinner. Perhaps we can work out an agreed price and smaller selection of dishes for the party, with still an open bar, and the cake. After dinner we could head up to the lounge for dancing and whatnot.
Other reception ideas I have looked into are a full catered dinner in a ball room, renting the penthouse suite for the night, and also just having a plain old big group dinner at some of the other restaurants! Besides planning out the wedding itself, I found some pretty cute favors and Vegas save-the-date magnets that I am excited about!
Mandalay Bay is also having a pretty cool special right now- makes me want to go!!!

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