Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Ok so here is a chart of my weight changes that I have been tracking into an excel sheet like a huge dork. I just think it is interesting to examine visually. I think that last spike up is hilarious- right after 3/3/2011. Gee what could cause this? LOL. I would say my steady go-to weight is right around 128. That is the hardest to drop and stay below. I recognize I am working more to just tone up the bum now versus lose weight, but I still like to track it anyway. Motivating: Seeing short curvy celebrities/models with lean healthy figures. Discouraging: Knowing they are the same height as you but still weigh 20lbs less. Ick.

Speaking of motivation, we just confirmed our summer vacation to Key West! I am so excited to go! We were originally planning for June, but we decided to bump it up to the first week of May so that we can go with his parents. We need the help navigating to the island (and to the house), figuring out how to set up their house/pool/scooters, and overall they aren't bad company anyway :) All I know is that their house is on Big Pine Key! Other than that, I will just be along for the ride and I am sure I will enjoy every moment of it!

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