Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Watermelon Rinds

Ok so I made it through the Utah trip with sucess. Exhausting though. And work is not letting up! I may have to go out there again soon to finish negoiations. As if the work isn't stressful enough, traveling definitely adds to it.

Making it through though, and maintaining a good home and social balance :)

Weekend Recap

9th-10th: Visiting Dan and Katie in Baltimore.

Yay margaritas, good company, new town, best oven brick pizza with delicious thick crspy bacon, random tiki bar in the middle of an office complex, and CRABS WITH ITALIAN BREAD & BUTTER!!!!!!!!! Enough. Said.

16th: Cathy and Jeff's wedding!

Cathy looked so beautiful and was so sweet, she cried and shook like a leaf the whole way to the alter and through the first half of the ceremony! Poor girl I thought she was about to pass out she was so full of emotion.  I am kind of scared I would be the exact same way ;)
But once she calmed and smiled, she looked absolutely beautiful. It was at the new officer's club on base, and that is really a great location! Food was really good (the boys at the table cleaned their plates and wanted more) and you can't go wrong with an elegant ball room and river views. A lot of our friends were there, and about 6 of us came back to our condo to continue with an after party!

Booty booty booty

On the Daily

Switching gears from the weekends, I'll go into some of the more day to day things going on lately...
  • David still wants to get Cake de-clawed, and I am torn. I can't keep up with maintaining softpaws glued on his nails, and he did already destroy my awesome fabric barstools and also claws at the carpet on the daily. I just don't want him to go through pain or hate us!
  • Planning to just dive head-first into painting this weekend! Wish me luck that Ill actually have the motivation.
  • I love the Body Combat class. Especially if you have a good instructor, it is a lot of fun and makes you feel bad ass (at least punching and kicking the air really hard makes me feel that way).
  • Can't. Get. Enough. Corn. on. the. Cob.
  • Can't. Get. Enough. Watermelon.
  • Is it peach season yet?
  • I like throwing our scrap foods (moldy breads, watermelon rinds, and corn cobs) over the balcony and then watching how long it takes to get carried away by all our neighborhood squirrels. Hey maybe if I keep them fed on the ground they will stay off our balcony in search of trash! And I do make sure to throw it ways off to left near the woods so that it's not it our bottom neighbor's backyard.
  • David bought me a sparkly black lanyard for my work badge yesterday since I commented on fb that I wanted it. They are selling them at G&H. Sweetie :)
Hope everyone is enjoying the hot weather! I am hoping to get in some pool time have the windows open while I paint this weekend.


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