Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Balcony Gardens

I sooo got the spring itch... and then ran to Lowes garden section and bought the most beautiful shade-loving plants I could find! One of my favorite things abotu spring and summer is that david and I can now use the balcony. I started it's spring makeover by buying new cushions and pillows for our blue plastic chairs from Kohls. The cushions are striped with blue, orange, and other bright colors, and the pillows are the same color scheme but with fish pattern. My Mammy also bought me a cute little planter/dish of two pelicans snuggling that goes with the nautical theme! I also bought a little blue fish candle holder from Yankee Candle for a work fundraiser that has yet to arrive. With all the new decorations and flowers, the balcony is my fav place!

Oh and Cake likes it too...

Other springtime adventures have included taking a trip to WV, and picnics on Solomon's Island Rec area. David's parents took us to Lansing, WV to stay in a cabin and go zip-lining through a tree canopy tour and white-water rafting down the New River Gorge! It was a great trip. We stayed in a nice cabin with a jacuzzi and had a total blast!


White-water rafting was such an awesome adventure, I think I am addicted!  The water was pretty cold this time of year, and the water was high from all the snow melt off the mountains. We needed wetsuits and jackets for the trip. But all this didn't stop me from jumping out of the raft into the 50 degree water as soon as our river guide mentioned "once in a lifetime experience."  After body surfing down some rapids, the coldness of the water kicked in and I scrambled to swim back to the raft. Meanwhile, David, not be outdone by me had jumped into the water as well and had floated away about 100 ft from the raft! Poor guy had to float- freezing his butt- off until we were able to paddle over to him and pull him in. My arms were so cold and shocked from the water that I could hardly help paddle the raft to him, so I can't imagine how he was feeling having to float there waiting for us!

Well I am going bowling today at work for 'employee appreciation day'- gotta love it!

TIKI BAR OPENING is next weekend so I am sure I'll have pics!

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