Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summer Flew By!

So, after another long hiatus, I am back to blogging. Over the last 4 months I have had a wonderful summer and although I haven't found time to blog, I sure have done plenty of blog reading! The engaged life has been going wonderfully! Summer vacations included Ocean City, and our upcoming "Staycation." Let not get too excited at once now...

I graduated my Contracts Intern program July 31, 2010 and have become an official Navy employee, GS-12 equivalent. I still enjoy the work, and the increase in pay has been great! (Although somehow I still manage to spend it ALL).

I have been doing wedding planning, including thoughts about the ceremony being held overlooking the water at David's parents house, or also at a nearby park indoor/outdoor rustic pavillion on a beautiful peice of land.
Although it is basically an old barn, it is reasonably priced, and can be dressed up really beautifully. Other options we have thought about are doing a hotel wedding so that guests can stay the night in the place of the reception, or david's favorite- going to Vegas and gettin hitched in the lil chapel by none other than Elvis himself.

Still the same on the health front. I have been going to the gym, and started running again now that the weather is turning nice. We had a hot hot summer and I spent more time in the gym than I would have liked. I started a new class called Sweatshop, and it is KILLER. The instructor says she can see a difference in my legs already. Sample of class (after 45 minutes of non stop jumping and kicking and jumping jacks and squats and jumping squats and lunges), "whew I am getting pretty tired myself, God look at all this sweat on the floor around me! Ok *looks at clock* lets just do 200 more squats then we'll be done." Gaaahhhhh. These classes are what keeps me going back though, because David sure hasn't been my workout partner at all! At most, I get him to walk to the park with me to play frisbee some days, and I make it an extra workout by making him throw it to me while I'm sprinting for it.

While I have been doing good exercise wise, I just can't keep my fingers out of the cereal, and now ice cream, at night! I do so good tracking my portions throughout the day, but then am hungry at night! I am experimenting with saving a snack for after-dinner so that I can work in an appropriate dessert. Unfortunately that means either a smaller lunch, smaller dinner, or no afternoon snack... again, Gaaahhhhhh.

Either way, this means I have some exciting posts to catch up on, exciting recipes to share, and more things to come! Glad to be back!

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