Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall Breeze and Sawdust

Sleeping has been so good with the fall air moving in, and just keeping the windows open. I love the windows in David's condo. They are huge, from floor to ceiling and crank open sideways instead of sliding up and down like regular windows. They are incased with dark solid wood trim and have a nice big sill. The blinds are also inside of the window panes. Perfecto!

Saturday morning I slept in as David went to work, per our usual Saturday routine :) When I got up, it was such a beautiful crisp morning, I put on my hoodie and went out on the balcony to enjoy the morning afternoon air. Plan for the day? Move some more car loads of stuff from my roommate Jenn's house in Leonardtown to David's condo. The perfect energy breakfast for this task?

Green Monster!!!

Pure heaven! After becoming obsessed with I have made and loved these green smoothies! So yummy, so healthy... My ingredient combination on this day: ice, milk, peanutbutter, berries, papaya, banana, kale, and spinach. They are so filling, and keep me full and energized. And I was in heaven sitting out on the balcony, sipping this liquid green delight, wrapped up in a hoodie, admiring nature... ahhh!

After moving and organizing, I went to david's work to eat lunch. We shared left over salmon, mashed taters, and salad from the night before. After work David stopped home to take the ugly old chandiler we had taken down (to replace with a ceiling fan) over to his Mom's house. Not sure why she wanted it but ok. I went on the drive with him, visited, then we went to BWB (Buffulo Wings & Beer) to chow down on some wings, fries, drink a pitcher of beer, and shoot some pool. What a great Saturday!

Sunday, David's coworker Rock came over to help put up the ceiling fan. What a production! David had to crawl up in the space above his condo (through a layer of insullation) and screw together a brace to hold the ceiling fan. I have to admit, seeing David as a handyman got me a little hot :) haha. I did my share of handing up tools and holding flashlights, but in between I enjoyed the balcony scene again.

The smell of sawdust and a fall breeze...

I love that the view is nothing but trees from his condo. Soon the leaves will be falling...

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