Sunday, September 13, 2009

Not much of a work week

What an easy week of work! Monday- Labor Day=Lazy Day. Tuesday- went to work just to pass time before the Kings of Leon concert at Merriweather that night (awesome!). Wednesday- called out "sick" ;) Thursday- Actually very productive. But then Friday- Also very productive...

Co-worker's cube for her birthday- she'll see it Monday muahahahaha
This was about 150 balloons I think to fill the whole cube. Then we wrapped it up in red plastic tablecloths complete with a bow on top like a giant present! She'll get to unwrap it Monday morning, I can't wait! Her cube is right across from mine so I am excited for all the balloons to fall out into my cube like I just won publishers clearing house or something. Ha.
Ok so Kings of Leon concert- absolutely A.W.S.O.M.E. They were so good! David and I had a great night dancing together in the middle of the big crowd out on the lawn. The rain held back, we had plenty of beer, the night was cool, the band sounded perfect, and all our friends were with us. Couldn't have asked for a better show. At least that is how the night ended. It didn't start so good. First, we hit bad traffic turning onto the roads that lead into Merriweather. In the traffic, the guy in front of David slammed on his brakes at one point, and David slammed his on, stopping just in time. However the guy behind David wasn't so quick on the brakes and ended up rear-ending David. He was so so so pissed. The damage wasn't that bad, but he had just gotten his bumper fixed and painted a couple weeks before, so to have this happen was just another nightmare when he has been trying so hard to get things in order. David held his temper, and later settled with the guy to pay out of paket for the damage ($600 estimate). It was definitely a rough start after already being irritable about the traffic, but luckily a beer or two and some great music and company lifted his spirits again. I am just glad everyone was ok; it could have been a lot worse!
UPDATE: This is what our workspace looked like once the birthday girl came in and unwrapped her present that monday:

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