Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pull over that ass too FAT... too much FONDUE!

Now in the song (which is one of the best dance songs ever), Trina means P-H-A-T, but lately I have been feeling more like F-A-T.
The jeans I wore the night I met David- no longer fit around my ballooning tushy. Now granted they were my revered ‘skinny jeans’, and all my other jeans still fit (although snugly)- but I want to be back in my skinny jeans damn it!
I thought I have been eating moderately, and exercising moderately but overall I have just been making excuses because I have been eating too much ice cream, drinking too much wine and beer, and allowing myself to order fries whenever I crave them… usually with beer. I have been laying in bed or too busy moving and organizing stuff into the condo and skipping my workout times. These splurges I have tried to counter act with salads and soups, but it just isn’t cutting it. On top of that, the overall reduction in exercise since I’ve met David is definitely not helping that matter but it is just so hard to make myself go out for a run or stay late at the gym at work when he is home just waiting for me to hang out with! We started going on some evening walks, and overall I have managed to sneak in maybe 1 run and 1 aerobics class per week, but still. Not. Cutting. It.
I haven’t given in to David’s nightly bowl(s) of cereal with Nesquik, although I sometimes steal a bite (or two) so I guess that is something to be proud of. And David does enjoy my healthy meals when I make them, so maybe there is hope for us.
David agrees that he wants to start hitting the gym too, so this winter we are both going to do that. David’s hours at the store are going to start picking up for the holiday season, so that will give me the motivation to spend an hour at the gym after work while he is still working too. Then, once his holiday season madness is over, and our schedules get close to normal, I am going to join David’s gym (he can get me a super cheap discount rate or else I’d just have stuck with the free drill hall on base) and we are going to go work out TOGETHER a few times a week.

Hopefully by the spring we will have some rockin bodies to show off for summer ;-) Ooooh yea…

Other exciting news:
I got my camera working again so no more camera phone pics!
And I still might get an upgraded camera for Christmas!

Weekend Recap
David and I officially celebrated our 6 month anniversary and officially celebrated being roommates!

Am I sure of what I am getting myself into?

Just kidding, he has been the sweetest, greatest, funniest man I have ever known. I wrote him a little love letter and left it in his car with some candy on Friday and then he took me out to the Melting Pot in Annapolis and gave the SWEETEST toast to us on Saturday.
The food at the Melting Pot was out of this world, I forgot how good it was! I had scallops, salmon and shrimp as my main meat, and David got a surf n Turf with Caribbean jerk seasonings. I managed to save room for the d e c a d e n t dessert tray including fruit, pound cake, rice crispy treats, marshmallows, and brownies dipped in melted milk chocolate. Mmmmmm. To compliment my savory foods, I had 2 glasses of wine and then we had toasted to a shot of whiskey in celebration of us (since whiskey has popped up more than once in some of the most memorable times in our relationship thus far). We thought straight whiskey would be a little too much, so we had ‘Apple Jacks’ which was Apple Pucker with Jack Daniels. It tasted like dessert!

I told myself this extravaganza of fondue would be like my ‘last meal’ until I get back into those skinny jeans!

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  1. i love you because of this blog right here. you become more and more your mother everyday.