Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another fun end of week...

Yay, another week down! We had another birthday here in Federal Prison cube land. Hehehe. This time the target is an older shy gentleman, who happens to have a cube filled with fun and weird knick knacks and characters. The only problem was that he seriously asked up not to do any decorating for his birthday, especially nothing like filling it with balloons. (Like what happened to Katy last week).

So we didn’t want to ignore his birthday entirely, and as we are standing there looking at his cube, wondering if we should at least hang a banner or something, I came up with this idea:

EVERYBODY in party hats! Happy Birthday, Pete! Look at all these weird things in his cube! Beside the characters, he has huge jungle plants all around.

I must say I was tickled with myself over this amount of cuteness. Hopefully Pete will think it is funny when he comes in on Monday.
At lunch yesterday, I met up with David. He had "picture day" for his store's website ( and looked super handsome. I love this man:

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