Thursday, September 17, 2009

Football and Fawns

I forgot to post about this beautiful Sunday I had over at our friends Jeff, Jay, and Steven’s house. We went over to watch the football games, but it was so beautiful outside that I kept making excuses to be outside instead of in the house. I mean, who cares about the redskins game, the Ravens won already!
The 3 boys live in cabin-type rancher surrounded by only a couple other houses and fields and woods. While David and I were out on the big back wrap-around deck, a momma deer and 2 fawns came out of the trees and were grazing in the field right by us. The deck is pretty high off the ground so we were a good distance away, but still close enough to admire them. Momma was cautious at first, but later came so close to the deck (the picture couldn’t capture it right when they got closer). In the picture, the mom and one fawn is off to the right, and a baby is in the trees straight ahead.
The Redskins didn’t win (big surprise). So after the game all the boys went out in one of the fields to play football. One of the other girlfriends and I just watched at first, but then wanted to join in too. It was fun running all around even though I probably didn’t offer any real defense.

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